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The Bergstroms take Ireland and the UK

Just after Nicole left, I was joined by my parents and sister Kelly at Heathrow airport, Where We Took a short flight over to Ireland. We rented a car, and my dad chauffeured us to our hotel. Driving on the left proved to be very Stressful for both the driver and the passengers !! Not to Mention our car was a little too wide for the skinny Irish roads. It Took a lot of maneuvering. 
We soon found our hotel, Which was an adorable privately owned hotel over the pub just outside of town. We stopped in for dinner, Which proved to be the best meal we would have over the course of the Entire trip. 

The next day we headed into the town of Limerick, and we saw the house and my mom university Spent time in When She was my age.

That afternoon we walked into a pub in town and about ten men who all Clearly Knew Each Other to Turn Around us great. All Eyes Were on the very Clearly American military family who wander into Their regular spot. Pretty soon thought, everyone Returned to conversation as …

Windsor, Bath and Saying Goodbye to Nicole!

On Friday we Decided to take the train out of London to the much quieter towns of Windsor and Bath. Although We Were only able to stay long enough to see the major tourist attractions, but it help the bustling city of London into some perspective. 
The Train ride goes through a small piece of London's suburbs, farmland and outskirts. We were away from the large tourist and foreign Populations, Were there no one speaking French, Russian or Spanish on the trains like there was back in London. Also, shout out to the amazing man behind the ticket counter at Greater Western Railroad. You saved the day When We could not seem to figure anything out. 
The first stop was Windsor, to see a real castle proper. 

Although the main castle was closed in January When we arrived, the abbey was stunning. We spoke to one of the guides about what it Took to become a Knight in the Order of the Garter. Many statues lined the hall leading Towards alter the front and on Their Heads Were Placed the crown…


Hello from London!
Me and Nicole have been here for about two and a half days, and I am falling in love with this beautiful city.  The city of London has a great mix of old and new. Politicians work in Gothic style buildings, across from street signals that feature LGBTQ+ walking signs (See more about that here). Our days have been spent in museums looking at ancient Greek sculpture, and then at a quick modern restaurant where Miso soup was ready in a carton in about a minute. 

We started off a bit rocky. Coming out of the tube we got turned around in Kensington. With luggage in hand, we must have walked around the same block several times before finally getting our bearings. It took us nearly 45 minutes to walk about should have been about four blocks! Luckily it was a gorgeous day, and the area around our hotel is really very nice. It has plenty of shops, restaurants and eventually we stumbled into where we needed to be. 
The first evening we ventured out to a fantastic Chinese Rest…

Exploring Chicago!

I've traveled to Chicago, Illinois to meet up with Nicole before we travel on to London. Nicole is my sorority sister, housemate and is also in the McBride program at Mines. This semester she will be studying in Gijรณn, Spain. I arrived in Chicago yesterday around lunchtime. The flight itself was much shorter than expected, and O'hare ended up being a breeze to navigate. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of my travels will be this easy! 
Her family's home is lovely, and her parents have offered plenty of travel advice. They have been all around the world, and have the photo albums to prove it. (Me and Nicole had a good time walking down memory lane and seeing some very old photos of her!) Last night we ordered a deep dish pizza and talked to some friends back home. It has been weird seeing everyone else go back to school this semester while  we have been waiting at home!

Today we went into the city and squeezed as much of the must-do Chicago things into a few h…

This engineer's travel blog won't bohr you.

My name is Morgan Bergstrom and I am currently a Sophomore studying Biochemical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines.

The Rocky Mountains have been treating me well for nineteen years but its about time to explore!!
I have always dreamed of living in another country, and this semester I have finally been blessed with the opportunity to do so. Starting tomorrow (yikes!) I will be traveling through Chicago and the United Kingdom on my way to Budapest, Hungary. There I will be studying at the Budapest University of Economics and Technology. I am looking forward to meeting the other international students, as this university draws in European students through its large Erasmus program. 
I absolutely could not have done this without help from the McBride Honors Program and the Office of International Programs at the School of Mines. Not to mention my absolutely fabulous parents who have made it possible for me to have such a unique experience while pursuing higher education. I woul…