Cultural Proof #7: Map of my new home

I've marked a few spots on the maps below! (Note this map shouldn't be used for actual navigation around Budapest, its a little bit of an approximation).

1) Bikas Park: This park is a little outside of the city center, and is full of local Hungarians enjoying the nice weather or exersizing. On Sundays there is a farmers market where I plan to go to find some "real" Paprika. 

2) West End Shopping Mall: I've walked in here a few times to pick up some necessities, like shorts and a cell phone plan. It feels like I am in the US when I'm in here though. I recognize about half of the stores. 

3) The Tram 4/6: This excellent tram is my main mode of transportation, and it runs all night! 

4) My University (BME): The university is beautifully positioned on the river. Just yesterday we attended a regatta (rowing race) that included all of the universities in Budapest. 

5) The Citadella: Its about a ten minute hike from the edge of my campus, and the views of the city are amazing! 

6) Kelet Coffee Shop: My absolute favorite place to study! 

7) Bors GaztroBar: You can get a sandwich at this star-wars themed restaurant for less than three euros!

8) Szimpla Kert: A famous Budapest "Ruin Pub" made from an abandoned apartment complex.

9) Liberty Bridge: You can sit on the middle of this bridge and take in the river at any time of day. (Sunset is the best!) 

10) Deak Ferenc Ter: It's the unofficial city center, and people can be seen picnicking in the grass near a reflecting pool.

11) Vörösmarty tér: This square is home to one of the oldest and most famous cafes in Budapest. There was also a fantastic art market here a few weekends ago!

12) Fisherman's Bastion: An old monument and part of the Buda Castle, this gives you great views of the parliament.

13) Hospital in the Rock: A museum I wrote about a few months ago.

14) National Library: A large and beautiful old library, I discovered it only two weeks ago even though its very close to my flat!

15) Kalvin Ter: This is one of the nicest and most expensive parts of the city. It is home to the most modern buildings and the national museum.


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